Der Untertan - Heinrich Mann by Erik Kleini on Prezi.

Heinrich Mann, German novelist and essayist, a socially committed writer whose best-known works are attacks on the authoritarian social structure of German society under Emperor William II. Mann, the elder brother of the novelist Thomas Mann, entered publishing, but, after the death (1891) of their.

Heinrich Mann’s prophetic novel Der Untertan was published in its entirety in November of 1918. Although it was published late, or even too late, the text had a long lasting influence on historical, political and literary discussions in Germany well into the 1920s, after 1945, and even into the 1980s and beyond. The novel became an immediate bestseller because of his portrayal of the deceased.

Manliness, Sexuality, and Satire: Heinrich Mann's Der.

This historical satire, based on Heinrich Mann's world-famous novel, Der Untertan, is ranked by film critics among the 100 Most Significant German Films of all time. In Mann's biting critique of conservative Wilhelmine Germany, written during WWI, Diederich Hessling learns an important lesson for an ambitious man: one must first serve power to gain power for oneself. From then on, his modus.Heinrich Mann's Der Untertan is a devastating critique of Wilhelmian society and its values. The novel's protagonist, Diederich Hessling, epitomizes the personality type known as “the bicyclist” (nach unten treten, mach oben biegen). Close. Encyclopedia of the Essay (2012) by Tracy Chevalier. 1905; Der Untertan (The Patrioteer), 1918), plays, and correspondence. Close. Dictionary of World.